How To Clean A Waist Trainer

After thousands of requests, we put together this step by step guide on how to successfully clean your waist trainer!  

Cleaning your waist trainer is easy and requires very little effort if you know what you are doing.  Here goes:

  • Never-ever machine wash your waist trainer!Waist trainers aren't like cotton clothes and the materials aren't meant to be tossed around in a washing machine nor a dryer.  Materials such as polyester, spandex, and latex may even melt in a washing machine or dryer. You don't need to wash your waist trainers vigorously as heavy soaking and vigorous washing/scrubbing can discolor your waist trainer and break apart the fabrics while damaging the steel bones that many waist trainers are made of.
  • When cleaning your waist trainer, the best tools are simply a soft cloth, some water, a good sized bowl or wash bin and a little bit of everyday body soap.
  • Using a soft cloth, a little bit of soap, and a warm bowl of water, gently clean your waist trainer with a little bit of scrubbing. Any residue or odor should quickly disappear. Remember not to use anything other than a soft towel and never scrub your waist trainer too vigorously.  
  • Once you have washed your waist trainer, it is imperative that you let it dry before use. Never put on a wet waist trainer as it can develop mold and
    break apart. 
  • Your waist trainer should be left to dry for at least a few hours before use. If you can, hang dry your waist trainer. Hang drying is preferable. A towel rack is sufficient if you have one, if not lay it flat on a moisture absorbing surface such as a dry cloth or towel and make sure to flip it over to dry all sides when necessary.
    If your waist trainer isn't dry to the touch, it's too soon to wear it. 
  • Finally, always remember that too much soap, water, and scrubbing is the enemy of your waist trainer and always make sure to fully dry your waist trainer after every cleaning.
  • Lastly, depending on your budget, a professional dry cleaner may be able to help you professionally clean it if you need assistance.

Finally, take good care of your waist trainer as you would any other high quality clothing. The waist trainers we offer for sale can last a lifetime as long as you are gentle with them. Again, never ever wash nor dry your waist trainer in household washer/dryer units and as always, feel free to e-mail us with any questions.